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Ashley Day Podiatry: 7 Hints For Healthy Feet

Our feet are often the most neglected and forgotten part of our bodies. Research has shown that people are more likely to have serviced their car than to have had their feet checked by a podiatrist. Yet our feet are our main mode of transport, carrying us on a journey of 128,000 kilometres in a lifetime - the equivalent to three times round the world.

perth podiatry tip - Dont The Neglect Your Feet

1. Dont The Neglect Your Feet

'My feet are killing me' is a common cry, yet research shows that only a fraction of those suffering from sore feet seek professional help. A common misconception is that sore feet are normal; they are not. Just as you would visit your dentist for a toothache, you should visit a podiatrist if you suffer from sore or tired feet

perth podiatry tip - Ensure your shoes fit properly

2. Ensure your shoes fit properly

Choosing shoes that fit well is an important part of caring for your feet. Finding the right fit may mean you have to look at a few different styles to accommodate your particular foot shape. Because feet are rarely the same size, it is important that you fit your shoes to your larger foot.

perth podiatry tip - wash your feet

3. Wash and inspect your feet every day

Good foot hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wash your feet daily and ensure that you dry well between the toes.

perth podiatry tip - hydrate your feet

4. Hydrate your skin

Perth weather and open shoes can cause rapid loss of moisture from the skin and may result in cracking especially around the heels. Daily application of a good quality moisturiser can help to replace the moisture content.

perth podiatry tip - walking and excercise

5. Walking is the best medicine

Walking is a great way to keep weight under control and is an excellent conditioner for the feet. Be sure to wear appropriate athletic shoes when exercising.

perth podiatry tip - save high heels

6. Save high heels for special occasiions

High heeled shoes affect your posture, gait and balance. High heels have been proven to have adverse effects of your back, hips, knees, ankles and of course the feet. It is recommended that you only wear high heels for special occasions and even then only a heel height of 1 1/2 inches. Your feet and body will thank you!

 perth podiatry tip - see a podiatrist perth

7. See a podiatrist on a regular basis

Seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis can help to prevent injury or disease in your feet. Monitoring your foot health is also beneficial for your overall well-being. It is crucial for people with diabetes and arthritis to visit their podiatrist frequently throughout the year.